Make Women Want You : 3 Steps To Attract Women

You’ve heard the saying. The saying goes something like this…
“Just be confident!”
The problem with this “saying” is that it’s completely false. No matter how confident you are, there are still women out there who will turn you down. This holds true even if you’re insanely attractive.
Make Women Want You is the #1 best selling “self-help” book for men on not getting turned down. It’ll give you methodology where if you put your own personal spin on it, you’ll be able to get women with barely any effort.
But first, before we jump in, let’s focus on that ridiculous saying…

Why the saying is nonsense

Any attractive woman is going to have men climbing all over her. They’re going to be on the streets, in the grocery store, and of course, in the bar or club. A significant portion of these men is going to be both attractive and confident… yet as you’ve probably already noticed, no respectable woman sleeps with every guy she meets. If she did… well, if she did, she wouldn’t have the best reputation, to say the very least.
Women subconsciously go through a 3-step process when determining if a guy is worth her time
  1. The initial attraction – “is this guy attractive to me?”
  2. The conversation – “is this guy actually worth something, or did he just hit the genetic lottery?”
  3. The long term determinant – “should I continue seeing this guy, or cut him off completely?”
Make Women Want You covers how to behave during all three phases. This means that you’ll be able to get laid whenever you want to, and if you see fit, you can make any of those lays into your long term girlfriend.
We’ll cover the steps below, and we’ll tell you how Make Women Want You addresses them.

The initial attraction

Women often say that they “care about more than looks”… and we’re not doubting that they do! Men care about more than looks, too – you’d never keep a hottie with an IQ of 40 around for long.
But there’s no way to interest them if you don’t have the initial attraction.
Imagine if an ugly, overweight, unhygienic lady approached you on the street… even if she had a perfect personality, you wouldn’t consider her. You might become friends with her – this is where the dreaded “friend zone” comes into play – but you’d never sleep with her or date her.
The first phase of Make Women Want You gives you easy steps to follow in order to make your initial attraction as high as physically possible. No matter where you are right now… whether you’re skinny, fat, or just “average”… you will become more attractive in the eyes of women by following these guidelines.
Some are related to physical appearance, but most of them deal with the subconscious mind-body language, how you carry yourself, etc. Both are important. You need conscious and subconscious attraction both working for you – remember, any attractive woman has men available at every turn.
Make Women Want You tells you how to make both works for you. Then, in the next step, it tells you how to use this initial attraction to work for your advantage.

The conversation to bypass the “filter”

Alright. You have your s*** on lock, and it’s time to, you know, get a girl.
You’re now going to be attractive to women… but women find plenty of guys attractive, just as you find plenty of girls attractive.
You’d probably jump on the chance to get with most of the girls you find attractive, right? The problem for women is that they can’t do this – if a guy gets a lot of girls, he’s a player, but if a girl gets a lot of guys, she… as we said before, it doesn’t have the best reputation.
So they implement a filter. In a nutshell, this filter is basically saying “okay, this guy looks good… but can he impress me any further?”

It’s important to note that we’re not saying this behavior is bad. It’s just the way of the world. Unless you’re at a club where you can’t hear a damn thing, it’ll be happening. (You’d do it too. Imagine if you were Brad Pitt and you had girls clamoring to talk to you… you’d be selective, no?)
This phase of Make Women Wants You is all about reading deeper into the first conversation you have with a woman. It’s arguably the most important section – if you screw up here, she disappears forever, and you’re left with nothing.
Specifically, it covers how to approach a girl (hint: it’s NOT with cheesy pick up lines), what to talk about, how to get around their tests (the questions that can make or break her attraction), and finally, how to take her home or get her number, depending on what you’re trying to do.

Keeping her interested in the long term

Maybe you used phases one and two to get a cute girl’s number at the coffee shop. Or maybe you had a wild night at your place after a bit of drinking with a girl who’s way out of your league.
Regardless, you decide that you want to see her again.

Guess who else wants to see her again? Every other guy who she’s ever given her number to or hooked up with.
However, at the point, you do have an advantage. You’re competing with a smaller group of guys. Unless she likes to get a new guy every month (most girls don’t do this), she’s going to be much more receptive to your advances.
But still, you need to get the second meet… then you need to blow her away on the second meet. Then you need to get the third meet… and blow her away on the third meet. Etc.
The thing is until you prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you’re an attractive mate, the girl is still trying you out. She could be conscious of it, or she could be doing it unconsciously, but she is doing it, just as you’re judging every girl you hang out with.
Make Women Want You covers everything past the first encounter.
Ever get frustrated when you text a girl that you seemingly had a great encounter with, and she never texts back? There’s a reason for that. Your first text probably turned her off.
Or have you ever gone on a second date with a girl, “opened up”, and had she told you that things aren’t going to work? Again, you probably did something unattractive, and because you haven’t proved yourself beyond a shadow of doubt yet, she brushes you aside and waits for the herd to approach her.
Make Women Want You is your handbook for making women ignore the herd and only pay attention to you. There’s a huge list of things not to do – you’ll probably read this list and realize that you’ve been doing some of them in the past. In fact, one of them might be the reason why a relationship with a previous girl didn’t work out, even if you wanted it to.
But more importantly, there’s a list of things to do. These are things where when you do them, the girl will become infatuated with you. We’re not at liberty to discuss what they are, exactly… but if you know that one guy who has girls clinging to him 24/7, he’s probably implementing at least a few of these strategies.

Make Women Want You: A Quick Summary

  1. Bypassing the initial attraction filter: things to change about yourself physically to make yourself more attractive to women, as well as subconscious ways to make women stare at you in public and say “yeah, he’s attractive”
  2. Bypassing the conversational filter: how to carry a conversation with a woman so that she maintains that attraction and doesn’t get turned off or throw you into the friend zone
  3. Bypassing the “mate” filter: things to do (and not do) so that if you sleep with a girl or get her number, you can easily turn that into something more, whether it’s a friend with benefits situation or a girlfriend/boyfriend type of deal
The guy who created the course is named Jason Capital. He sells it for $47. That’s a refundable purchase, so if you read it and think it’s BS, you can just email him for a refund. (He honors the refund policy for a full two months after you purchase.)
However, you probably won’t want a refund. Most guys love it because it’s so simple and straightforward. That’s the reason it’s so popular… if you go on any PUA forum (or heck, any regular relationship forum), you’ll see people talking about it.

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