Witness Bundi Utsav 2019 this Season to Enjoy Indian Grandeur

India the incredible land of unity in diversity, come alive in the month of December with an electrifying blend of traditional and contemporary celebrations and events. From conventional to electronic-dance music, and neighboring performers to global DJ’s, it’s all on the proffer. Not to overlook Christmas festivities as well! Among these long-standing and up-to-date celebrations, Bundi Utsav holds a specific place in Indian celebrations.

Bundi is a well-known spot of Rajasthan, the land of warriors. This beautiful spot is located in the Hadoti district that gets energetic and vibrant during Bundi festival. This festival is celebrated every year in winter Season and is also regarded as one of the significant events of the Indian calendar. This year it is going to be celebrated in the month of December from 1 to 3rd.
During this celebration, you can come across the blend of traditional art, handicrafts, Rajasthani royalty, home decors, attires, and many others. The event is a culmination of culture, customary art, and craftsmanship that will surprise you with its grandeur. Events such as sightseeing, dance, music, competitions and so on aren’t just engaging but also symbolize the scale of amazing Indian traditions and culture in front of foreign visitors.

What does the program include?
A vivid Shobha Yatra, ethnic sports, arts & crafts, Deep Daan, cultural exhibition, traditional rural sports, sightseeing, musical band competition, bridal attire, folk and classical music as well as a dance program, dazzling firework display and so on. Early during the break of day, men & women are seen dressed in attractive yet colorful traditional outfits lighting diyas (lamps) on the River Chambal’s banks & seeking divine blessings by offering prayers.
Near Bundi, there is a small hamlet ‘Keshorai Patan’, which is also known as Mini Pushkar on Kartik Purnima (full moon).

While you visit the town then you will come to know that it is delimited by the rock ravines along with the adjoining brook Chambal. This settlement provides an ideal location for thrilling water activities. The region with lush widespread woods, the massive stretches of jungles and wildlife and the rambling gorges and rocks have crafted it as a heaven for those who seek something exhilarating and adventurous.

To date, this small town claims to hold the superior paintings as well as their origins of the world. The work of art at Chitrashala is famous all over the world.
Ways to reach over there:
The city of Bundi is around 210 kms away from Japipur by road and about 110 km away from Sawai Madhopur. Baran, Bundi & Jhalawar are easily accessible via Kota through highways. It is also connected by rail line on Delhi-Mumbai route.
You can also access it through the air route. Jaipur is the nearest airport.

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