Where to Find Blogger RSS Feed URL and How to Use them

Where to Find Blogger RSS Feed URL and How to Use them. auto-post on blogger via RSS feeds. blogspot RSS feed URL, Blogspot RSS feed.

Where to Find Blogger RSS Feed URL
Where to Find Blogger RSS Feed URL

Understanding the RSS Feeds

RSS is Rich Site Summary and the RSS Feeds are known as Really Simple Syndication Feeds or sometimes called Web Feeds. RSS Feeds are the most popular way of sharing content between the blogs. Basically, the RSS Feeds is a format for delivering regularly changing the content of any website or blog. Most of the popular blogs and websites use RSS Feeds to syndicate their content.
Still confused with what actually RSS Feed looks like?

Have you ever seen this type of image? If yes, then you got your answer. This image represents the RSS Feeds for that blog or website. RSS Feeds are really important for a Webmaster as well as your blog readers and visitors. RSS Feeds are used by both the Webmasters and the Visitors or blog Readers. Now, let's see both of them one by one.

How Webmasters or Blog Owners Uses RSS Feeds?

  • For Syndicating Their Weblogs/Website content automatically.
  • To get new customers by giving them away to subscribe to their blog content.
  • For monetizing Blogs using a Free Feedburner account by participating in the Google Adsense Program.
  • Getting more and more visitors to their websites.
  • Webmasters Submit their content to the RSS Aggregators and spread their useful content online.
  • For getting a better ranking in Search Engines.
  • Publishing Other Website/Blog content to their own Web site or blog.
  • Creating the RSS Aggregators Websites.

How Visitors Can Benefit With RSS Feeds

  • Easily Stay Informed by retrieving the latest content from the websites you are interested in.
  • Subscribe to your Favorite weblogs and get informed via email when your Favorite website updates something new.
  • Read RSS Feeds on your Desktop homepage by Adding the RSS Gadgets on your Windows Desktop.
  • Creates a free Blogger Blog and make a free Feedburner account and Monetize your blog and Feeds with Google Adsense.

    These articles will guide you about everything you need to know about starting a free blogger or Blogspot blog from scratch and helps you to start your own Money Making Blog.
    For those who already have a blogger blog and unable to find the RSS Feeds for Blogger, read the rest of the article and don’t forget to check out the Extra Tips section at the end of this Article.

    RSS Feeds for Blogger

    If you are on WordPress then your RSS Feeds address is simply: http://freebloggertemplates.in/feed  and this is really simple and easy to remember. But when you talk about Blogspot, it is not that URL friendly. However, the working of both is the same regardless of the URL structure or permalinks.

    Blogger Feed URLs

    Here below are the blogger feeds URLs that you will need to publish or submit your content online.
    Change My blog Url - https://www.mychakri.com - to your blog URL.

    Full site feed:

    Comments-only feed:

    Individual post comment feed:

    Now you have your blog’s RSS Feed URL's and you can submit your blog RSS Feeds to RSS Aggregators, or give your users and visitors a way to get engaged with your content and let them subscribe to your blog.

    How to Add Blogger RSS Feed to your Blog Sidebar

    Now you have your blogger RSS Feed, so you can add them to your blog Sidebar and it will appear as your most Recent Posts widget. The default blogger feed will allow you to add the most 5 recent Posts to your blog sidebar. But I will show you the way to add more Recent Posts in your Sidebar.
    To add RSS Feeds to Blogger Sidebar go to this path :
    • Blogger >> Layout >> Add a Gadget (that appears in the sidebar area)
    Scroll down until you find a widget named “FEED” (shown below):-

    Click on the + button to add it to your blog Sidebar.
    In my next article, I will be writing about Setting up Google Feedburner Account for a Blogger blog and how you can monetize it too. But before you close this article, here are some quick tips you need to implement on your blog now.

     Extra Tips

    1.) Generally, the most used two types of RSS Feeds are RSS 2.0 and the ATOM 1.0, among those RSS 2.0 is largely used in the blogosphere and has gained more popularity, but has more restricting license than Atom 1.0 Moreover, Atom 1.0 is considered to be more Technically advanced than RSS2.0.

    Difference Between RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0
    RSS 2.0
    Atom 1.0
    summary and/or content
    last build date (in channel)
    author or contributor
    published (subelement
    of entry)

    2.) FeedDemon – is the most popular windows based RSS Reader that you can use to stay updated with your favorite sites.

    Download Size – 4MB (link)
    Download the feed demon now and get regular updates on your windows Desktop without even touching your Browser. Once installed, click on the subscribe button to add a new feed to the Software.
    3.) NewsisFree

    An awesome web-based online RSS Feed Aggregation Service that allows you to add your Feeds from your Favorite websites into your Newsisfree Dashboard and get updates from your interesting sites in one go. You can clip, mail or blog about news in NewsIsFree or get your news pages via email, but catching up with unread news from particular sources can be a bit tricky, and NewsIsFree does not offer virtual folders.
    Visit Website – Link
    4.) Feedreader 

    It's simple and the best of all I have tried. Feedreader is another FREE RSS news aggregation Software comes with a simple and effective interface that provides robust, state-of-the-art features in an intuitive, user-friendly environment. This is all time Favorite Tool which I personally use to stay updated with the new information on the Web.
    Get Feed Reader Now:-  (Link)

    5.) RSS2Email
    An open-source Free news aggregation tool for delivering news from RSS feeds to your email program that works under Windows and UNIX, including Linux, Mac OS X, BSD, and CentOS. Very simple program, easier to use and configure but effective.
    For more details and tips about the RSS Feeds, just stay updated with us and you can also subscribe to our blog if you like our articles and share them on facebook, google plus as well as twitter.

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