What Does whatsapp Tick mark meaning?

Want to know WhatsApp tick mark meaning? There is 3 tick on WhatsApp single grey tick, double grey tick, double blue tick. we will discuss about all these three tick meaning.

The Secret of WhatsApp tick mark meaning

Whatsapp messenger it was discovered in 2009. In October 2014, more than 600 million users throughout the world and Which is globally popular messaging application. Whatsapp messenger active users are each and every day above billion photos and 100 million videos are shared through the Whatsapp. Now we are going to see Whatsapp ticks mean, Whatsapp blue ticks and Whatsapp grey ticks.

The issue of double tick system has been resolved, finally, Whatsapp introduced and updated it’s a protocol with double tick blue mark to indicating the message has been read. After sent message the checkmarks will appear in the chatbox, it’s three types and each tick marks indicated the what will do receiver?

Whatsapp Ticks Meaning/Whatsapp Ticks Mean
—-> One gray checkmark on Whatsapp is the message successfully sent.
—-> Whatsapp two grey checkmarks and disable Whatsapp blue ticks means message successfully delivered to the recipient’s phone.
—-> Whatsapp double blue tick is the recipient has read your message.

whatsapp tick mark meaning

Whatsapp ticks grey
Whatsapp ticks grey, a single grey tick means represents the message successfully sent and the double gray tick mark means a message has been delivered and the Whatsapp blue ticks  meaning is the recipient has read your message.
If you see a single grey tick mark after sending a message, there is nothing wrong with your Whatsapp or on your phone. There are several reasons for why your message has been sent but not delivered with your chat partner.
  • Their mobile might be offline.
  • They might be sleeping or they have not held the mobile in their hands.
  • May be internet connection was disconnected.
  • They may have seen the notification on their mobile screen, but they didn’t open the app.
  • They may be blocked you.
  • These reasons only appear for a single gray tick mark.

While you sending the message through the Whatsapp then you must watch the checkmarks near your text message after sent message to the chat partner. Whatsapp ticks marks are very strange for the users. Because you can know your sending message details. 

What does the Meaning of a single grey tick?

Single tick Whatsapp is you successfully sent your message and when you see a single grey tick mark you simply watch the Whatsapp last seen timestamp meaning is they are not in touch with an internet connection.

What does the Meaning of a Double grey check?

Double grey tick meaning in Whatsapp is your message successfully received your message and your message is unread.

What does the Meaning of a Double Blue tick?

Double blue tick meaning in Whatsapp is your message successfully read and ignored.
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