Travel all Around Buddhist Places in India for Spiritual Experience

A spiritual tour or pilgrimage is a long expedition or exploration of great ethical significance. Sometimes this becomes a ride to sanctified places or shrines of great importance to an individual’s faith and beliefs.  Buddha Tour along with other religious background people, each year visit India to explore the most prominent Buddhism sites remarkable for their Buddhist association.
India the melting pot of various cultures and creeds attracts millions of explorers each year not only to take pleasure in its ancient glory, monuments, and sightseeing attractions but also to celebrate its long-standing connection with Gautama Buddha. The enticing land of India holds 4 to 16 foremost Buddhist pilgrimage attractions, with most significant ones positioned mainly in India’s Ganges Valley.
Lumbini: It is one of the most significant Buddhist pilgrimage, placed near the India-Nepal border. This place witnessed the birth of Gautama Buddha in an imperial family during 556 B.C.E. The ancient Bodhi Tree symbolizing Buddha’s birth also is observable. Ashoka, the great Buddhist monarch visited this place 2 centuries later and built a Stupa and pillar portraying Buddha’s native land.
Sarnath: India’s Ganges Valley, where Buddha stated publicly the law of faith also attracts visitors to a greater extent.  He taught key aspects of Buddhist philosophy and encouraged his followers to steer clear of extremes of pleasures and austerity.

Bodhgaya: At the age of 29, Buddha got enlightenment in Bodhgaya, a remarkable city of India. After settling under the Bodhi A tree for 3 days, Buddha attained enlightenment. Though the bodhi tree was destroyed so many times by some unwanted elements and nature both, it continued re-sprouting and even at these days it is visible easily. The city holds the Mahabodhi Temple and three monasteries catering native people and foreigners both.

Sankashaya: At this place, the Buddha went down from Tushita Heaven and during his 40 years of life, he went to this place to educate Dharma to his mother, who had passed away shortly after his death. At the present this site holds no other evidence and glory relating to Buddhism.
Shravasti: It is one of the most commonly visited sites of Buddhist pilgrimage. It is the place that witnesses the great miracles of Gautama Buddha. The great mango tree arose from a mango seed thrown by Gautama Buddha signifies this site excellently.

Rajgir: This Ganges Valley location is also famous among visitors as it is known for buddha’s walking and preaching. The conversion of 2 future followers Maudgalyayana and Sariputra was the most significant event to Buddha’s visit to this very place. While, Maudgalyayana had a greater power for marvels Sariputra was accredited with superior intelligence.
Nalanda: Holding the renowned monastic university and blessed with the presence of Gautama Buddha, this place has its own significance. This site played a vital role in spreading the Buddhist philosophy in India.

Apart from these, you can also move your feet towards the western India’s Ajanta and Eldora’s caves temples and Kanheri as well as Karli to enjoy Buddha Footsteps Tour, ancient Buddhist philosophy and its monuments.

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