Justin Bieber Fanfiction plus: A fiction about the love of my life

Justin Bieber Fanfiction: A fiction about the love of my life. I felt I was in love with Justin when I was merely 10. Today he is coming, I said to the Mom. Can you please give me some money to buy the tickets for his concert? First, Mom stared at me but you know she loves me a lot and knows everything about me. She gave me the money as she knows about my unconditional love and passion for him. I don’t know it was love or something else that attracted me towards him.
I was, for the first time, I was going to attend his concert. And I was extremally excited. The people used to say that I am a beautiful girl with my long hair and red cheeks compelled them to say so. They used to say I my childhood that she will be a beautiful princess when she grows up.
I was looking pretty enough in my red frock, and the concert was really fun for me, and I will always remember this eve in my life. I said to my mom that Justin was constantly looking at me at the concert. She smiled and went away, but I know somewhere in my heart that I was the truth of my life, one of the biggest truth that will always be with me, no matter what.

Justin Bieber Fanfiction plus

Justin Bieber fanfiction – part 1

After three years – yes I am 13 now, and Justin is again coming to my city. Isn’t it amazing? I was planning the dress color and the contrast shoes and jewelry for the concert. I was genuinely excited. I bought the tickets, and I knew that he would recognize me for my beauty as I attracted him at the last concert. The same thing happened again this time. Now he will come next year.
Justin Bieber Fanfiction

Justin Bieber fanfiction – part 2

Yes, I am going to his concert again with the same feelings as he is waiting for me to come. This time I was in a black dress, and he looked at me, and he smiled like I can’t explain. It was one of the best concerts of Justin for me, but all the previous ones were also best.

Justin Bieber fanfiction – part 3

I am 15 now, this year, he didn’t come to my city, and I don’t know the reason, but he will surely come next time as he tweets that he loves to get here in my home town and I know somewhere in my heart that the reason is me for sure. Yes, he will come soon.

It is the almost ending of Justin Bieber Fanfiction's a fiction about the love of my life.’ I am planning to attend every concert of him till the last breath of my life as he will be waiting for me to come every time he comes to my city, and I know he thinks about me, not all the time, but for a few minutes daily, for sure. The way he looks at me at every concert tells me everything about him.

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