How to replace a Blower Motor Resistor?

There are a lot of hectic tasks that you do in your daily life. There are various things which have great importance in your daily routine, and without them, you may face a lot of difficulties. There are certain which are minuscule in size, but they have a lot of importance. Their size is small, but their value is great. A similar one is Blower Motor Resistor.If you have a car, then you may have a good idea of this resistor. Many don’t know about this type of stuff. So, if you are also looking for some knowledge about blower motor resistor or if you want to buy one and need information, then you are standing in the right place.

What is a Blower Motor Resistor?

The central question that, comes to your mind is that what is a blower motor resistance? It is a component of the heating and ventilation system of your car. There is a blower motor in your vehicle, and it controls the speed of that blower motor. The blower motors which have several fixed rates have resistor installed in them. Usually, fixed rates are four to five. There are different symptoms of a failed blower motor resistor.  Some of these, are given below the paragraph.

Blower Motor Resistor
Blower Motor Resistor

Symptoms of a failing Blower Motor Resistor:

The blower motor resistor is an electrical accessory. It controls the speed of the blower motor fan. Various symptoms can identify the weak motor. So you must have knowledge of these symptoms so that if they occur, you may identify them. Below mentions a few symptoms.

Motor Jammed on one speed:

               It is a common symptom of a motor resistance failure. In this case, the motor stuck in one fixed setting. This responsibility of this component is to control the blower motor fan speed. If the blower motor is stuck on one fan speed so this means that the resistor has got some problem and needs to be, replaced.
  • Blower Motor stops working on Various Settings:

               The malfunctioning of the blower motor in different settings is also a symptom of resistor failure. So this means that the blower motor does not work in various contexts. That happens due to the improper functioning of the internal components of the blower motor. Sometimes it even stops working on any of the settings. So this requires proper analysis to trace the problem and to resolve it.
How to Replace a Blower Motor Resistor check in this video  

How to Diagnose the Blower Motor Resistor?

You need to inspect the resistor visually, and in most cases, the problem is, identified in this way. But in case if there is no visual damage then you must check the resistance between the terminals of the resistor. If the resistor has no change, then you must replace it. So in this way by paying attention to the symptoms, you can quickly identify the problem and then eventually replace the Blower Motor Resistor.  So after replacing the heating and air-conditioning system will again work properly according to your desires.