Best Diet plan low carb high fat to lose weight

Today I will discuss with you the Best Diet plan low carb high fat to lose weight.

There are so many benefits choosing an LCHF diet starting from weight loss to high performance without harming our health such as fat loss, enhanced brain performance, improved fluid circulations, better functions of organs leading to better health.  so what you are waiting for. 

How the LCHF diet help to lose weight?

LCHF diet triggers our natural way to utilize stored sugar(Fat form) in the absence of excessive sugar in the daily diet. Sugar is energy but we have the ability to use harmless healthy fat as an energy source. Also fat is clean energy for the brain and tissues.

Diet plan low carb high fat to lose weight
Diet plan low carb high fat to lose weight

 LCHF Diet breakdown per meal:

1.Carbohydrate and Sugar: 10%

2. Protein: 20-25%

3. Fat: 65 -70 %

Simply reduce your carbohydrate and sugar source and decide your quantity of food based on your daily calory burning. Try the LCHF challenge for 4 -6 weeks and you will see a visible difference in the 2nd week onwards if you follow the above breakdown. The higher the body fat you have the longer it takes to reduce. Men will need up to 5% body fat and women need up to 11% of body fat for normal healthy body function.

Instructions for LCHF diet:  
Eat 2 or 3 meals a day 5/6 hrs gap between meals and no snacks in between the meal, especially at night. Eat dinner at least 4 hrs before bed for a good sleep. Results will be 70-90% body fat reduction rate in 2-8 weeks depending on how well the diet is followed. combining the LCHF diet with 30 minutes of exercises for faster results. Intermediate fasting and high-intensity exercises are added benefits for better performance and fat burn. if you are looking for summer 6pack abs and lean muscles in a month then you will love the faster visible difference in results.

More details below. 

Ketosis Strategy: Our body starts melting/use stored body fat only when we consume fewer carbs/sugar than what your body needs. Following the LCHF diet(Ketogenic Diet) your body uses fat as fuel (energy) from organic fat consumed, which is a cleaner fuel source and excess are not stored in the form of fat under the skin and other organs in the body. 

Carbohydrate and sugar: 10% (25-30 g healthy carb/day)
Carbohydrates and sugar are the reason behind to cause cholesterol, Diabetes, Obesity, and many other health issues in the human body when they are consumed excessively but we need them in our body as a source of fiber vitamins, minerals, and energy but less than 10 % in our daily diet.

Carbohydrates turn into glucose, which your body burns immediately or converts to glycogen to be stored in the muscles and liver for between meals. If you eat more calories from carbs or other sources than your body can use, the cells store the excess as fat under the skin, organs and eventually even in blood vessels. This will cause all chronic diseases people are struggling with and becoming addicts to medications.
Healthy Carbohydrate sources:
Vegetables (vegetables are grown above the soil, Dark Green Leafy Veg) 
Nuts(Low Carb: Brazil Nut, Pecan, and Macadamia)
Fruits(Low carb: All Berries, Watermelon, Lemon, Plum & Peach)

That means ‘’No’’ to Rice, Pasta, Pancake, Muffin, doughnut, potato, chocolate, syrups, Soda, Alcohol, etc. Also eliminate orange juice, other fruit juices, from your diet. It sounds a lot because most of the population loves all of them but for long term healthy active life without chronic diseases.

Protein: 20-25%(90-120g healthy protein/day)
Proteins are large, complex molecules that play many critical roles in the body. They do most of the work in cells and are required for the structure, building function, and regulation of the body's tissues and organs. Enzymes carry out almost all of the thousands of chemical reactions that take place in cells.

Excessive protein in the body will trigger many problems in the human body such as kidney problems, heart problems, nutritional deficiencies, weight gain, seizures(if the water level is low).
Protein Sources: Best healthy Protein sources are naturally sourced(Organic) meat, fish, shellfish, cheese, eggs, nuts, etc

Fat:65-70%(150-180g healthy fat/day)
  Saturated fat raises HDL, the “good” cholesterol that lowers your risk of heart disease. Many foods that are high in saturated fat and cholesterol, such as eggs and coconut oil, can decrease inflammation, lower circulating triglycerides, and reduce insulin due to the natural antioxidants they contain. Eating High Fat and protein will improve health factors by reducing body weight, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and help to gain lean muscles.

Recommended Fat sources: Meat, fish with full fat, Avocado, cheese, vegetables, coconut oil, butter, Olive oil, Vegetable oils, nuts(Low carb: Brazil nut, Pecan, and Macadamia)

Ketones: Ketones are substances that are made when the body breaks down fat for energy. Normally, your body gets the energy it needs from carbs in your diet. But stored fat is broken down and ketones are made only if your diet does not contain enough carbohydrate to supply the body with sugar (glucose) for energy. Optimal ketone levels for good health, weight loss and better physical and mental performance.

Diet plan low carb high fat to lose weight
The best Diet plan low carb high fat to lose weight

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