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What Would an Iraqi Dinar Revaluation Mean?

In recent years, there has been a substantial amount of speculation as to the fate of the Iraqi Dinar. Opinions differ as to whether there will be a revaluation of the dinar, and with no official announcement, everything at this point is pure speculation. If in the future there was to be an Iraqi Dinar revaluation it could prove to be a very lucrative investment for those fortunate enough to be holding dinars when the revaluation occurs.

Currently, the Iraqi Dinar is being exchanged at $1 U.S. to 1166 dinars. If there were an upward revaluation of the dinar in relation to the dollar of say, $1 U.S. to 750 dinars, this would produce substantial profit for those holders of the dinar. However, there is no way to know if, or when, this revaluation will take place.

Due to this rampant speculation and uncertainty, Iraqi Dinar investment is extremely risky and not advisable. With no time horizon for a revaluation plan, the odds of being stuck with a significant number of worthless banknotes are quite good.

In a situation such as this, there is no middle ground in terms of speculation. Either you hold dinar and await an announcement by the U.S. or Iraqi government, or you wait and try to buy dinar immediately after the announcement, but by that time, it will be too late.

Currently, there are no plans to revalue the dinar, and it appears that the Iraqi government is not in favour of doing so in the future.